For over 40 years our main interest lies in the discovery, design and study of a new group of signal peptide molecules. Learning the mechanisms of action and their role in gene expression, protein synthesis and life extension is the main goal of our multinational research.
The mission to make the world a better place
Active dialogue with our partners attracts foreign experts from different industries to organize and take part in research which enable development of new trends in biotech industry.
The results of the investigations show the existence of a unique epigenetic mechanism for peptidergic regulation of gene expression and protein synthesis in plants, insects, amphibia, rodents, monkeys and humans.
Natural signal peptides influence cell proliferation and differentiation, tissue regeneration, tumor growth and many other organism functions by means of complementary regulating particular genes. Target-cell action is a unique peculiarity of peptides which entails no toxic or other side effects.

Peptide based medications and parapharmaceuticals which may appear in the nearest future will make a substantial group of therapeutic remedies for numerous diseases. Application of peptide preparations will enhance the effectiveness of prevention and treatment on a large scale.
Quest for a healthier, fuller life...
The mission and vision of our foundation is to create the environment for the research that will save lives of millions.
We achieve success through combination of cutting edge technology, top scientific research and experience of our unique team. The experts of our R&D department have developed and implemented a multitude of peptide based products.
Our research centers carry out all stages of innovative product development: from discovery and synthesis of peptide molecules to the development of finished dosage forms, as well as implementation and testing of technologies in industrial production.

Research fields and scientific interests in the development of innovative regulatory peptide based products links our foundation with leading laboratories and research centers from around the world.
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The influence of peptides on hematopoietic stem progenitor cells (HSPCs) proliferation, apoptosis and differentiation
A joint experiment in regards to the effect of short peptides to be carried out with the "Stem Cell Institute at James Graham Brown Cancer Center", University of Louisville, USA
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