the future of medicine
We are on the path to reshape the reality by developing safe and effective health solutions based on a proprietary peptide technology.
From active ingredient to a ready formula.
The Challenge
The company's key profiles are design, research, and clinical study of compounds with high pharmacological activity that result in the creation of unique and effective treatments.

By engaging in research and production of fundamentally new medical and para-pharmaceutical products, food supplements and active ingredients, we are on a mission is to bring to the market a range of safe, scientifically proven and highly effective products that will help to battle the diseases that currently have no treatments.

Our company plans to expand the geographic footprint through new products, which are developed according to the international standards. The priority development areas include both strengthening positions in Russia and developing new markets in Asia and registering products in the United States and Europe.
The technology of cell penetrating peptides (CPP) is slowly changing the face of the modern therapeutic medicine as we know it
One of the most revolutionary discoveries in the field of bioscience is the ability of certain molecules to interact with our genome and regulate its activity
Industrial implementation
The use of short chain peptide technology is not limited to humans. The molecules have shown a high capacity to modulate the biological processes in both plants and animals. We have created two separate departments. One focuses on the technology of increasing the yield of the plants and make them more resistant to harsh environmental conditions. And the other targets the industrial market of animal farming, where health of the livestock is of primary importnace.
News and events
International relationships and a wide net of connections determine our company's politics. We participate in a multitude of events all over the world in an attempt to bring our technology closer to the general public and to the science specialists.

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Therapeutic areas
Our specialists provide bioanalytical support and a full range of research services for a wide range of study types from preclinical to clinical — working to accelerate development and ensure compliant, on-time regulatory submissions for our drug candidates.

Experience in general toxicology, safety pharmacology, and clinical pharmacology of the molecular compounds guides us through every step of the process. We also analyze numerous biomarkers, and are always adding new validated methods to our panels that cover preclinical and clinical matrices. We have extensive experience in designing and conducting proof-of-concept in healthy participants or patients.