Scientific presentations on the topic of Khavinson peptides technology

  • General mechanism of peptide regulation of gene expression, protein synthesis and human vital resource
  • AEDG and KE peptides regulate the telomere length of chromosomes in human blood lymphocytes
  • Short peptides modulate DNA methylation, gene expression and cell differentiation in animal and plant cells
  • Efficacy of long-term application of pineal gland (PG) peptides in elderly patients: 15-year follow-up study
  • Epigenetic modification under the influence of peptide bioregulators on "senile" heterochromatin
  • Small peptides up-regulate growth and neuronal differentiation in human Periodontal Ligament Stem Cells
  • Molecular mechanisms of peptides action on cell senescence
  • Follow up results after treatment with peptide bioregulators in patients with genetic retinal disorders